Property Management

First National Property Managers put you first

When you own a residential investment property you can either manage the property yourself or you can use a real estate agent to manage it for you.

Here are some things you should consider before making a decision:
  •     Will you save money by managing it yourself?
  •     Are you prepared to deal with tenants and all of the repairs?
  •     Are you ready for the responsibility and do you have the time to spare?
  •     Do you know what your rights and responsibilities are?
  •     Do you know the tenant's rights and responsibilities?
  •     How will this affect your tax?
If you decide that using a real estate agent to manage your property is preferable, then First National can do it for you.

Your local First National Real Estate Property Manager is more than a rent collector, offering a comprehensive property management service.

First National Property Management services include:
  •     Establishment of an appropriate rent
  •     Organisation of advertising for the property for rent
  •     Showing prospective tenants through the property
  •     Receipt of applications and screening of appropriate tenants
  •     Optional checking with Landlord on screening new tenants
  •     Completion of all relevant documents required under the Residential Tenancies Act
  •     Receipt of rent monies
  •     Follow up on any arrears in rental payments
  •     Organisation of repairs/maintenance
  •     Provision of regular payments and statements to the landlord
  •     Payment of accounts
  •     Conducting initial, final and routine inspections of the property
  •     Organisation of, and representation at tribunal hearings
  •     Bond collection and the first month's rent in advance prior to tenant moving into the property
  •     Lodgement of Bond with the appropriate body
  •     Personal service from trained and local property management team